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Process to Comprehensive Financial Planning

My Process to Comprehensive Financial Planning

You’re ahead, you’re behind, it’s too much, it’s not enough, it's too complicated.It’s unlikely these scenarios have not weighed on the mind of every spouse, parent or business owner in regard to their financial life.

I know you want to be prepared and take the best care of your family, business, and all others you care about. As a comprehensive financial planner, I will help you define the kind of life you dream about, and build the strategy to fund and live it. I use a unique system to analyze and organize all the components of your financial life. Armed with this information you will know which financial issues are adequately covered and where you are exposed to risk.Today’s economic environment brings challenges. But along with challenges come opportunities and potential rewards. We will work closely to evaluate those opportunities and most importantly to reap those rewards. 

Knowledge is power. I will provide the knowledge to help you put in place a solid financial plan, a strategy to pursue your goals, plus on-going monitoring. With this knowledge you will understand the answers to your financial questions and have greater confidence in your financial decisions.

Jamie Blakley